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“My COIL work has been transformative to my teaching and scholarship. My COIL partnership has added depth and dimension to the curriculum and my teaching has become more active and intersectional.” —COIL instructor


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What is COIL?

COIL is a pedagogical approach that is integrated into the curriculum of classes—in any subject area, at any level—and engages students and faculty in significant intercultural interactions through meaningful online engagement and collaborative, applied, and project-based learning, thereby bringing international experiences and their attendant skills development into the reach of all students, at any institution.

Who is COIL?

The SUNY COIL Center was established in 2004 as part of SUNY’s Office of Global Affairs to promote and professionalize the practice of Collaborative Online International Learning and Virtual Exchange. The Center serves the institutions of the State University of New York, along with offering services to higher education institutions around the world. 

 Visit the the COIL website to learn even more.

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Why Integrate COIL?

A well planned COIL Collaboration can boost student engagement and enhance your teaching.

COIL benefits students by:

  • Developing intercultural awareness, communication competencies, and a deeper understanding of their own and other cultures
  • Encouraging curiosity about the world and an appreciation for diverse backgrounds and perspectives
  • Broadening and strengthening students’ understanding of a discipline studied through applied projects and discussions
  • Bolstering 21st century skills such as teamwork, reflection, and communication
  • Preparing students to work in a multi-cultural and connected world

Faculty can use COIL to:

  • Incorporate new disciplinary and cultural perspectives into their courses
  • Develop team teaching collaborations with colleagues across the globe
  • Provide high-impact, high-engagement experiences to their students
  • Leverage their experiences with remote and online instruction to enhance their courses
  • Prepare students for an in-person study abroad or study away experience

Hear directly from faculty who have participated in COIL by visiting the perspectives on COIL page.

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Incorporating a COIL collaboration into your existing course doesn’t require an expensive technology platform or extensive redesign of your course. It only requires an interest in effective, innovative pedagogy, a bit of flexibility and enthusiasm, and some thoughtful preparation.

The SUNY COIL Center offers online workshops to get you prepared to embed COIL into your classes, and offers opportunities for you to find partners around the world. Contact Keith Landa to learn how to sign up.

The global community of practice, the SUNY COIL Global Network, serves as a hub for information and idea exchange, professional support, partner matching, and resource sharing. To start connecting with faculty around the world, contact Keith Landa to learn how to create a profile.

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