Life After Purchase 2017

Careers and Education 

A majority (88%) of the 2017 graduates are either employed or enrolled in graduate or professional school.*

Outcome by School
90.6% ARTS, 85% LAS, 89% LSCE

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13.5% enrolled in graduate or professional school

10% employed and in graduate school


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84.5% are employed full or part-time   |   10% employed either full or part-time

42.4% working full time   |   33.1% working part-time


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 67% are working in a field directly or somewhat related to their academic study

 44% found jobs before graduation.  

Career Prep

  • 93.7% rate the quality of the Career Center as excellent, very helpful or somewhat helpful
  • 67.5% reported that their academic program prepared them for their careers and 76.5% of them also used the Career Development Center

Fields where graduates found employment

Fields Percentage
Arts 28%
Business  24%
Human / Social Services 14%
Education 12%
Media Arts & Communication 6%
Science, Technology, and the Environment 6%
Healthcare 5%
Legal Services 4%
Other 0.8%

Graduate fields of study

Fields Percentage
Arts Performance 27%
Psychology and Counseling 12%
Education 10%
Business 10%
Legal Services 8%
Science & Tech 8%
Health Services 8%
Visual Arts 5%
Communications & Media






*60% knowledge rate from career outcome data gathered from phone surveys, email, web survey and LinkedIn

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For more information about the 2017 graduates, please contact the Career Development Center to request further information.