Life After Purchase 2021

Careers and Education

An 88.7% majority of the 2021 graduates were found to have positive career outcomes that included employment and enrollment in graduate or professional school, or both noted at the time of the annual survey, conducted approximately 9 months-one year following commencement.

Total Employment by School or Conservatory

88.7% School of the Arts
88.3% School Liberal Arts and Sciences

Additional Outcomes

10.7% enrolled in graduate or professional school
84% are employed full-time or part-time including self-employment, performance, or artistic freelancing.
67.4% are working in a field directly or somewhat related to their academic study

Career Preparation

  • 95.3% rate the quality of the Career Center as excellent, very helpful, or somewhat helpful
  • 70.4% reported that their academic program prepared them for their careers and 57.9% of them also used the Career Development Center
  • Of the graduates employed full time, 70% also used the Career Development Center. 37% of those employed, reported finding their first positions through resources or programs attributed to the Career Center.

Fields where graduates found employment

Fields Percentage
Arts and Entertainment/Visual Arts 23.47%
Business 23.48%
Education/Human Services 15.24%
Media Arts & Communication 12.81%
Healthcare and Health Services 8.54%
Science, Technology, and Environment 6.71%
Arts Administration/Management 5.18%
Public Services and Law 4.57%

Industries that hired Purchase graduates

Fields Percentage
Arts 28.1%


Education 14.05%



Human/Social Services


Media Arts/Communications


Public Service/Law


Graduate fields of study

Fields Percentage
Arts Performance/Production 15.56%
Communications & Media 4.44%
Education 13.33%
Health Services 15.56%
Law & Legal Services 8.89%
Psychology/Counseling 22.22%
Humanities 6.67%
Social Work 3%
Visual Arts 8.89%
Other 4.44%