Life After Purchase 2019

Careers and Education 

An 88% majority of the 2019 graduates were found to be employed or enrolled in graduate or professional school at the time of the annual survey with 84% working only and 11.3% enrolled in graduate school.  (It is important to note that the survey data collection was close to completion by Mid-March 2020, the time period when the COVID-19 Pandemic began.)  In this unprecedented and uncertain job market, our findings will show that Purchase College graduate employment and graduate school enrollment outcome still remained highly positive with only a slight decrease in employment or graduate school enrollment, at the time of the survey.

Outcome by School

  • 87% Arts
  • 80% Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • 86% Liberal Studies & Continuing Education

Additional Outcomes

  • 11% enrolled in graduate or professional school
  • 84% are employed full or part-time including self-employment, performance, or artistic freelancing
  • 81% participated in experiential learning / 62% participated in at least one internship
  •  71% are working in a field directly or somewhat related to their academic study
  •  68% found jobs before graduation.  

Career Prep

  • 92% rate the quality of the Career Center as excellent, very helpful, or somewhat helpful
  • 70% reported that their academic program prepared them for their careers and 90% of them also used the Career Development Center

Fields where graduates found employment

Fields Percentage
Arts and Entertainment 29%
Business  28%
Education 11.2%
Healthcare and Health Services 7.4%
Human and Social Services 9.5%
Public Services and Law 4.4%
Media Arts & Communication 6%
Science, Technology, and Environment 4.4%

Graduate fields of study

Fields Percentage
Arts Performance/Production 21.7%
Education 20%
Business 3.3%
Health/Sciences 5%
Psychology/Counseling 8.3%
Humanities 10%
Communications & Media