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Frankie Kadir Bademci-Vaughan ’23

Frankie Kadir Bademci-Vaughan ’23, MA/MFA ’25  is a performance and sculpture artist from East Hampton, New York.

Bademci-Vaughan has returned to Purchase as a candidate in the Art History/Visual Arts MA/MFA program. Read about the MFA fall 2023 exhibition Full Bleed.

Combining his background in performance and time-based new media, Bademci-Vaughan’s interests lie within a broad variety of mediums. Exploring how the body has its limits, the idea of belonging, as well as time and space, he curates and produces visual languages that are politically motivated, challenge traditional exhibition practices, and manipulate structure and its intention.

Bademci-Vaughan earned a competitive Gilman Scholarship for study abroad.

With a passion for curating and producing artwork intended for a public audience, Bademci-Vaughan served as the Public Arts Coordinator on campus and worked with six student artists to commission and install public art murals and sculptures on campus in May 2023 and served on the campus-wide Public Art Committee.

Bademci-Vaughan was selected as the Senior Speaker at the 2023 Commencement ceremony.