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Jennifer Ward

The importance of getting involved on campus

Choosing Purchase

Purchase College’s community and location drew in Jennifer Ward ’25, who chose to attend and pursue her interest in Journalism because of the education and learning opportunities the college affords.

Jennifer credits the community support from the students and faculty for “grounding [her] into the person [she] is today.”

Creating Long-Lasting Memories

Some of Jennifer’s most memorable moments have been collaborating with her friends and creating fun projects.

“Coming to such a creative school, the opportunities are truly endless. Being able to be part of student films makes the acting and theater kid in me so happy. I love nothing more than sitting in the front row, supporting my friends in whatever show, concert, film screening, or reading they have coming up and being able to see them shine.”

Extracurricular Activities

When Jennifer is not participating in her friends’ student film projects, she immerses herself into the campus culture by being a Resident Assistant (RA), a teacher’s assistant (TA), a tutor at the Learning Center, and a writer for the Purchase Phoenix, the college’s online news site.

Inspired by the Community

Over two years at Purchase, Jennifer has met countless faculty and staff members that have positively impacted her. One such staff member is Dilenny Diaz, a Resident Coordinator (RC) at Central (one of our first-year residences).

“Not only do I look up to her because she is my boss, but she is also someone who has supported and encouraged me throughout her time knowing me. Even when I take on more than I may be able to handle, she has shown me that I am smarter, stronger, and more put-together than I ever gave myself credit for.”

Next Steps

After she graduates Purchase, Jennifer hopes to attend graduate school and work in publishing. Jennifer advises students to,

“Get involved! It sounds so corny, and I know that everyone says it, but I swear it’s the best advice I’ve ever taken. You will meet some lifelong friends if you join projects, clubs, and groups that have interests similar to yours, and it will fulfill you both socially and academically.”


*Quotes edited for grammar and clarity.