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Chloe Smith

Taking Creative Control

Chloe Smith ’24 submitted only one college application, the one to Purchase College.

Being a passionate filmmaker, Chloe initially did not want to go to college but visited Purchase on a recommendation from a friend. During their visit, Chloe was impressed with the program’s dedication to student creative vision. They shared,

“The program gave you full creativity to work on your projects, which is something I really found different from all the other film schools I looked at. You know, all the other ones were like ‘oh take this class and then you take one film class and you have it make it like this’, so I was really drawn to the idea of having almost like full creative freedom. Also, just the fact that we have to make a film each year- that’s just unbelievable and also the film store was like a huge plus! the resources are great, the sound stage too!”

Chloe has started on the plans for their Senior Project next year and is excited to use the things they have learned thus far as they continue to connect with their fellow classmates as well as actors, set designers and musicians across campus to bring their musical to life. Their faculty shout outs go to Iris Cahn and Myna Joseph for the creative support in helping them understand the importance of using the college experience to “explore and experiment” during their time here.

Their advice to future filmmakers?

“Definitely keep the innocent, childlike fascination of film in you…You can always make something that’s already been done if you follow all the rules but you’re not going to get anything special that way. You know? Just do not forget to be spontaneous with your art or to think too much- very important.”

When asked about their time outside of the classroom, Chloe shared that their band, Car Becomes Airplane, has been a focus during their time at Purchase College. The band recorded an entire first album in the Conservatory of Music studios and look forward to completing another before graduation with some Purchase alumni. Outside of recording, the band puts on shows across campus from more ‘formal’ venues like The Stood to more hidden DIY shows across campus- be sure to find them on campus!

While we will be sad to see them leave next year, we look forward to having Chloe as an alum in the future. We are sure that their mark will be left on campus in many ways but, in their own words,

“Leaving a mark is like ‘oh you graduated’ and now I’m here to help the people who are still in school with my knowledge of being a graduate. By staying connected to my friends that are still here and by being a supportive alumnus- that is how I will make my mark.”


*Quotes edited for grammar and clarity.