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Caroline Pomietlarz

Caroline Pomietlarz began her career in secondary education in Japan where she taught English as a Foreign Language and English Literature and Writing classes at Senzoku Gakuen High School.

She completed an MA in TESOL at Columbia University Teachers College. After returning to the US, she became a NYC Teaching Fellow and earned a MEd in Special Education at St. John’s University. In her role as a Special Education teacher, she currently co-teaches ELA classes to ninth and tenth grade students. In her tenure at the school, however, she has taught all content areas, including Japanese and Health. She also works on the Equity Team to ensure inclusive curriculum development and programming at the school.


Pomietlarz’s proposed curriculum explores how Beninese culture such as the art, dance, music, and religion has been passed to and influenced the Americas through an exploration of literary texts from West Africa, the Caribbean, and the United States. By exploring the works of authors such as Hurston, Dandicat, Achebe, Soyinka, Mama, and others, the curriculum will work to celebrate cultural fusion and create a paradigm that validates West African culture as a valuable asset within a long, complex history that has influenced American culture. Providing students with opportunities to explore the culture through music and art–not only text–allows for a holistic, multifaceted appreciation that brings stories to life and provides a visceral connection to culture and people in other parts of the world in ways that students can potentially relate to in their own homes and communities.

Grade(s) Taught

9th and 10th Grade