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Julian Kreimer

Julian Kreimer is an artist, art-writer, and associate professor of Painting and Art History at Purchase College where he served as the head of the painting and drawing board of study from 2013-2016.

He received an MFA with honors from RISD in 2003 and graduated summa cum laude in Art History and Studio Art from Princeton University in 1998. He has been a repeat fellow at MacDowell and Yaddo, and was the recipient of the 2018 NYFA/NYSCA award for Painting.

He is a frequent contributor to Art in America, where he’s published 54 reviews and 8 feature articles with three being cover articles. He has contributed to several Neuberger Museum catalogs, including essays on Nicolás De Jesús, Rubén Ortiz-Torres and Engels the Artist as well as entries for the permanent collection catalog. In addition, he has written essays for museum catalogs from Brandeis University’s Kniznick Gallery, Middlebury College Museum of Art, as well as many catalogs for New York galleries. He has also written for Paper Monument, Modern Painters, Hyperallergic, and Tablet Magazine. 

His focus is on Latin American Art and contemporary painting by emerging and mid-career artists.


Kreimer’s project has both research and curricular components. His research focus is on how color functions in contemporary Beninese art and culture, looking at color in a complex present, rather than as an historical artifact of the past. The research will hopefully appear as an OER article and become part of his in-progress global-colors book. In terms of curricular outcomes, Kreimer’s project will bring a deeper understanding of West African visual culture to all of his art history and his painting and drawing classes, presenting African contemporary art practice as a central part of the global art world; he will articulate how the Fon worldview connects and has influenced the Diasporic Black arts of the Americas, and by extension, the wider culture of the Americas. He will lay the groundwork for study abroad Art History/Painting and Drawing classes in Benin.