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Lidia Callau Cisneros

Hi! My name is Lidia, I’m a sophomore in the Acting BFA program, and I’m from Spain! I’m a really outgoing and social person. And as someone from Spain, I love some good parties, but specially being in a nice social environment, chilling, chatting, singing and playing some guitar. I love to cook for others and every time I have some free time I’m probably laying in the grass enjoying the sun jeje :)



Acting BFA


Class of 2026


Zaragoza, Spain

Why you chose Purchase

I choose Purchase because the Acting program they offer is a really intense, introspective and practical training program, which I love.

Favorite thing about Purchase

Probably the life in the dance building, there’s always some kind of art form happening, which is really inspiring.

Astrological sign


Best place I’ve ever Visited

Probably my friend’s “Nonna’s” house in Italy. Best pasta I’ve ever eaten.

Favorite artist



Spanish, English, and I get around with some Italian