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Sierra Blanco








New York, NY

Favorite Color

bright orange

Best Place I’ve Ever Visited

Yosemite National Park, and all the astounding redwood forests therein.


English and conversationally proficient in Spanish

Why did I decide to become a Global Scholar?

I decided to become a Global Scholar because I am deeply invested in exploring other cultures, alongside sharing and discovering more of my own cultural heritage. I am motivated to learn, especially about the intersections of different cultures and their artistic practices, and how the combination of these aesthetics and values can enrich the lives of my peers locally and on to the world at large. I am devoted to expanding diversity within the theater and musical theater worlds, and believe that learning more about other cultures through the Global Scholars Program could be instrumental to doing so. I enjoy interacting with artists, writers, musicians and thinkers from other cultures, and hope in this program to meet like-minded peers as well as collaborators with new and surprising perspectives who can expand my worldview.