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Danielle Clowe (she/her)

Access Counselor, Office of Disability Resources

Danielle Clowe is an Access Counselor at the Office of Disability Resources. Danielle meets with and coordinates access plans primarily for students who identify with mental health diagnoses and Autism Spectrum Disorders. She determines appropriate academic accommodations and support services and oversees and participates in the delivery of services to students with disabilities. 

Before joining the Office of Disability Resources, Danielle worked for agencies and schools throughout Westchester County, specializing in therapeutic and transitional services for adolescents and young adults with disabilities. Within her last program, she facilitated a college-based program to assist students with disabilities in navigating the college environment focusing on strengthening and building their executive functioning and adaptive coping skills in response to school-based stressors.

Outside of work when she is not supporting students, Danielle is an avid animal lover, having been a vegetarian/vegan spanning over a decade. In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with her two rescue Bengal cats and supporting the efforts of local/city animal shelters/rescue foundations.