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Cassandra Castillo





Class Year

Class of 2025


White Plains, New York

Favorite Color


Best Place l’ve Ever Visited

Moca, Dominican Republic



Why did you want to become a Global Scholar?

For me, college means a chance to broaden your horizons. One of the best parts of college usually involves living in a new setting, and all my friends urged me to get out of Westchester. But, I knew Purchase was the choice for me, despite living only 13 minutes away. I don’t want my world views to simply remain as they have, so I jumped at the opportunity, to make up for the fact that I’m so close to home. I want to feel more connected with things happening not just around the country, but the world. I believe being raised in New York for over the last decade has led to a centralized view, meaning I mainly see the world through a western perspective. I want my mind to understand and feel in other ways than we know. I want to understand how thought processes work in other parts of the world, and how they relate to our education. I’m very excited and honored to be a global scholar because I think it will be the perfect opportunity to do so.