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Joseph McKay

Associate Professor of New Media

Joseph (goes by Joe) McKay is an associate professor of new media. He primarily teaches New Directions in Virtual space, Programming for Visual Artists, Intro to Physical Computing, Hacking the Everyday,  Senior Seminar and Web Development. 

Joe’s work is focused on interactive art-games. He makes games that have their roots in fine art, but are also fun and easy to play. He is currently working on a VR art game with innovative locomotion. 

Check out his website for more on all of this. 

More About Me

More? About me? hmm. I have two lovely cats names Little Dipper and Grizzly. When programming I use “cheese” as a variable name more often than I should. I will tell you WAY more than you ever wanted to know about boardgames. I think Rick and Morty is the best hard science fiction to leak into popular culture in the last 10 years. 
(I’m a huge nerd, but I teach new media, what did do you expect?)