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Maxine Devitt

Maxine Devitt is a costume designer and illustrator currently living in New York City. Ever since she began drawing at the age of five, Maxine has been fascinated by the expressive powers of visual storytelling. She is incredibly grateful for her time at Purchase College, including the opportunity to design costumes for a new play, Purgatorio Wonderland. 

To see more of Maxine’s work, please visit her website.

Purgatorio Wonderland

by Andrea Thome

The scary fox appears. 

The children gather around to discuss what to do next.

The ancient man guards the entrance to Purgatorio.

Purchase Theatre and Performance | Direction: Alex Correia | Choreography: Erik Osterkil | Costumes: Maxine Devitt | Set: Kristen Chang | Lights: Hailey O’Leary | Sound: Nicole Sliwinski | TD: Kyle McMahon | PSM: Kai Liebenstein | Photography: Jeanna DiPaolo

The Cunning Little Vixen

by Leoš Janáček

A finished watercolor painting of the Fox and Vixen dancing, as well as exploratory sketches.

Exploratory sketches and a watercolor painting of the Blue Jay.

Exploratory sketches and a watercolor painting of the Badger and his armchair.

Conceptual design for Costume Design III. 


by William Shakespeare

Illustrations of Othello and Iago in armor.

Illustration of a group of soldiers in armor.

Conceptual design for Costume Design II.