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Caleb Dowden

Major: Dance

Student Leadership Position: Chair of the Student-Alumni Advisory Board for Global Education

What the Nominator Had to Say: “Caleb is not only the inaugural Chair of the newly formed Student-Alumni Advisory Board for Global Education, but she is also taking a lead role in creating the structure, mission and by-laws of a student-alumni group that we believe will have a crucial impact on the direction of global education at Purchase.”

What is your favorite thing about being involved as a student leader on campus?

“My favorite thing about being involved as a student leader on campus is getting to interact with people outside of the dance conservatory. This ability to speak with other individuals both inside and outside of my major about their experiences with community engagement at Purchase College inspires the work that I am currently doing as the Chair for the Student Advisory Board for Global Education.”

Why did you decide to get involved?

“I have two experiences with studying abroad. One was a winter program in Benin, West Africa and the other was a semester long program in Taipei, Taiwan. I thoroughly enjoyed my time abroad but negative things regarding issues with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion did occur in both experiences. I decided to get involved because if I can use my negative experiences to spark a conservation that could lead to establishing a safer and more equitable experience for students studying abroad, then why not get involve and become a catalyst for change.”

What is one piece of advice that you have for students who want to become involved on campus?

“There is this amazing quote by Merce Cunningham that says “the only way to do it is to do it.” That is the best advice I can give to students who want to become involved on campus. Use your time at Purchase to discover what makes you great, find or create a program that you feel you can create the most change with and go for it with your entire heart.”

Photo Credit: Latricia Morgan