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Arielle Joselson

Major: Communication

Minor: Psychology

Student Leadership Position: Peer Advisor for the Academic Advising Office

What the Nominator Had to Say: “Arielle is optimistic and positive. She is extremely well-liked by students and professionals alike, and is very respectful of the time and availability of those she works with.”

What is your favorite thing about being involved as a student leader on campus?

“My favorite thing about being involved as a student leader on campus was joining the Advising Center as first a Peer Mentor and now as an Advising Center Assistant. Being a Peer Mentor, I provided enthusiastic peer counseling to help students succeed at Purchase College, helped facilitate and encourage attendance to all first-year student programs, and worked with a team of fellow Peer Mentors to advise students on course selections. As an Advising Center Assistant, I serve as a role model for students who are struggling. When I came to school, I was one of those students- so now I have a tremendous amount of empathy for others who are having a tough time academically and/or emotionally. I am so fortunate to attend such an inclusive, diverse school where the heart and soul is set around Thinking Wide Open.”

Why did you decide to get involved?

“I decided to get involved in the Advising Center because it has truly helped me from the moment I walked on campus as a transfer student. Purchase College, SUNY welcomed me with open arms and the Advising Center guided me to take classes that I am interested in. Also, they provided me with emotional support because being a transfer student is never easy. However, this school made the transition as smooth as could be.”

What is one piece of advice that you have for students who want to become involved on campus?

“One piece of advice that I have for students who want to become involved on campus is to follow your passion, whatever that may be. For me, I love helping people and giving advice so the Advising Center is perfect. For another student, your passion could be something in the arts. So, perhaps starting a club designed to help people who may not have experience, but want to be a part of the arts in some way.”