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Preparing for Departure

Our office works closely with students and families to ensure students have all the information they need before traveling abroad. There are also things that parents, guardians, and friends can do to help a student prepare for living, learning, and traveling abroad.

Pre-departure orientation

Your student will participate in a pre-departure orientation session at Purchase College before his or her departure, which is conducted by the Office for Global Education (OGE) staff. OGE will discuss many aspects of practical planning and adjustment and will go over the procedures and information they have been receiving from program providers and institutions abroad. While these sessions are only open to student participants, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Supporting your student before they depart

You know your student best and therefore will know best how to support them before they depart for their study abroad program. Some students need help thinking through the processes such as passports and visas. Others will want help thinking through logistics around things like flights and housing. Other students will want you to help them create a detailed packing list, while others might need more emotional support talking through what it will feel like to leave family and friends for an extended period of time.

In addition to the all-important question, “How much will it cost?,” ask your student questions about why a particular program was chosen and what personal and academic goals your student has for the time abroad. Getting clear about why your student is choosing to participate in the first place will help your student stick to the plan in order to reach their designated goals.