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Housing Abroad

Housing abroad varies by program. Depending on the program and the location, students may live in a campus dorm, an off-campus apartment, or with a host family.

Housing for short-term faculty-led programs

Housing for short-term faculty-led programs, is determined prior to departure, and varies by destination. In some programs students are able to provide input on roommate and other preferences before the program starts. 

Housing for semester-long and exchange programs

In the case of semester-long and exchange programs, students can and should rely on their host university to find housing. Based on availability, interest, and need, students will work closely with the international student office (sometimes called Mobility Office) at their host university to secure housing. Housing can fill up quickly and students are encouraged to communicate as early as possible about their housing preferences.*

Billing for housing

Billing for housing is determined by the program’s administering campus. For short-term faculty-led programs and some semester programs, housing is included in the program fee and paid directly to the program’s administering university. For most semester-long and exchange programs, housing is billed separately from tuition and is typically paid directly to the host institution, host-family organization, or landlord. Students and families should reach out directly to the program’s administering campus with questions about housing and payments.

For more information about housing on a specific Purchase program, find your student’s program on our program search page.

*Upon acceptance to a Purchase exchange program, the Purchase Office of International Programs also provides students with more detailed housing information specific to their program.