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Fatoumata Fadiga





Class Year:



Bronx, NY

Favorite Color:


Best Place I’ve Ever Visited:


Languages I speak:

French, Soussou, Foula, and Mandingo.

Why I want to become a Global Scholar:

I want to become a Global Scholar because I want to make a change in each individual’s life. I want to have the power to protect the planet, when we have a safe and equal planet the world is a place worth living. I also want to become a Global Scholar because I’m so passionate about learning others’ cultures, traditions and their living. Furthermore, I want to learn the commonalities that each individual shared. The world is destroyed by racial disparities and injustice. In order to be mindful that we all are the same you have to be a Global Scholar. Everywhere I hear the word Global I’m willing to be part of it, I am willing to use my voice, my action, my feeling, and especially my experience to make a change.