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Dance Exchange

  • Dance at AHK
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Located in the historic heart of Amsterdam, the Academy of Theatre and Dance offers classical, jazz and modern dance. The program equips students to actively participate in the creative process and collaborate with different choreographers while training students to be versatile dancers with distinctive styles. Instruction is primarily in English.

       SUNY Program Code:  748

  • Dancers outside Beijing Dance Academy
    Beijing, China

    Located in the Haidian District, just outside of Beijing, it is the only institution of higher education in dance in China. The Academy is committed to building a world-class dance university with Chinese characteristics and offers programs in Chinese Classical Dance and Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance, in addition to more traditional disciplines.

       SUNY Program Code:  911

  • Student dance performance, Perth, Australia
    Perth, Australia

    The dance program at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) trains classical and contemporary dancers through teaching methods designed to develop and refine the skills of each individual. The program offers a breadth of courses and prepares students for a seamless transition into a wide range of careers within the profession.

       SUNY Program Code:  887

  • Hong Kong city at night
    Hong Kong, China

    Established in 1984, is a leading tertiary institution for the performing arts in Asia, specializing in the provision of professional performing arts education, offering programs in Cantonese opera, drama, music, dance, film and television, and theatre and entertainment arts.

       SUNY Program Code:  725

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul. It is the largest palace built during Joseon Dynasty.
    Seoul, South Korea

    Through education that encompasses the Korean traditional dance heritage, as well as ballet and contemporary dance, the School of Dance trains professional dance artists, theorists and planners with the skills and viewpoints required to lead the rapidly changing contemporary dance scene.

       SUNY Program Code:  1128

  • Students on London Bridge
    London, UK

    Known as, “The Place,” the school is located in central London and offers classes in ballet, jazz, contemporary dance, and choreography. The program is designed to develop highly motivated, imaginative and creative dancers, who will be ready to enter the profession as skilled, flexible, and responsive artists.

       SUNY Program Code:  298

  • Students standing in front of the sign for Taipei National University of the Arts
    Taipei, Taiwan

    The Dance School educates students across an east-west discipline, from traditional to contemporary, encompassing both theory and practice, balancing the excellence of conservatory training with a broad academic education. Students can take dance technique in Chinese martial arts, Indonesian dance, classical ballet, modern dance, and others.

       SUNY Program Code:  564