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SUNY Community College Programs

All students who apply to a SUNY Community College Program must apply directly through the respective institution in accordance with their application instructions.

After you have been accepted and decide to participate, you must complete the Purchase College ‘Non-Purchase Study Abroad Programs’ registration page. If you get clearance by the Office of Community Standards, your registration will be approved.

Once approved, you get access to the Study Abroad Pre-Approval to Transfer Credits Form, available in Horizons, which is required in order to transfer credits to Purchase. All credit is viewed as transfer credit.* You should be particularly careful to obtain study abroad pre-approval of the program from your department before you make a commitment to the program; it is not guaranteed that credits will fulfill degree requirements.

Students remain registered at Purchase College even when participating in a study abroad program through a SUNY community college which allows you to apply your financial aid, but tuition, fees, and other program costs are paid directly to the community college. 

*The credits you receive abroad are treated as SUNY transfer credits. Although the grades are not averaged into your GPA, you receive a “Transcript Supplement” that becomes a part of your permanent record. It’s automatically included with your Purchase transcript every time it is issued.