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Variety of Majors: International Business School

The International Business School in Budapest, one of Europe’s best student towns, offers a specialization in Arts Management for its Business Management students that closely resembles Purchase’s own.

Visiting students are fully immersed in the close-knit community of IBS students studying the Arts Management specialization, who are internationally diverse, but who all use English as their common language. The courses in the specialization train students to be successful in managing the people and the organizations that make up the arts and events communities. Students gain insight into the art world, visual culture, performing arts, specific art projects, and the like. All courses are taught in English.

Budapest has long been praised as one of the best locations to study abroad. Its low-cost of living, affordable rents, fabulous underground nightlife, and proximity to other exciting cities, make it an excellent base for a semester in Europe.

Here is some information to help you learn what it is like to live and travel in Hungary, given your identity markers.

  • Term: Spring,* Academic Year
  • Accommodations: On-campus, off-campus
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Majors: Arts Management, Asian Studies, Chinese, Communications, Economics, French, Legal Studies, Political Science
  • SUNY Program Codes:  1047


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*Spring (Semester 2) is February - May. The fall semester is not available because the IBS semester runs into Purchase’s spring semester.