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Variety of Majors: Universidad Mayor

Located in modern bustling Santiago, the Universidad Mayor (UM) offers courses across the arts, sciences, and humanities in 64 majors on 11 different campuses around the city.

The University’s mission is to provide an educational experience that encourages ethical behavior, an attitude of entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and respect for cultural and social diversity. It was also the first university in Chile to be internationally accredited by the United States Middle States Commission on Higher Education which defines, maintains, and promotes educational excellence across institutions.

Students wishing to study at UM have to be able to follow university lectures in Spanish, participate in seminar discussions and understand written material in their field. Therefore, students must have a certificate of Spanish proficiency (equivalent to level B.2 or 620 to 675 classrooms hours).* 

UM has no system of housing. When students apply, the university will send suggestions for accommodations.

Here is some information to help you learn what it is like to live and travel in Chile, given your identity markers.

  • Term: Fall, spring, Academic-Year
  • Accommodations: Off-campus, homestay
  • Language of instruction: Spanish 
  • Majors (intermediate Spanish required): Acting, Graphic Design, Environmental Studies, Film/Video Production, Journalism, Legal Studies, Music, Theatre and Performance
  • SUNY Program Code:  1097


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*UM offers an intensive 4-week, 100 hour, Spanish course before the beginning of each academic semester. Students typically live with Chilean families during the one-month Spanish course in order to maximize their learning experience. Families are pre-selected and live near the campus.