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Summer in Italy - Pisciotta, Italy

This five-week summer program combines intensive work in Italian language and culture (all levels offered)* with the choice of an additional elective for a total of 8 academic credits.

While in Pisciotta, a small historic town on the Mediterranean coast, students live in apartments side-by-side with locals while engaging in classes, enjoying Italian lifestyle, and partaking in weekly excursions to ancient archeological sites and famous cities such as Pompeii and Amalfi. Pisciotta has numerous outdoor cafés and restaurants, and the beach is just a fifteen-minute walk down the hill. 

While the elective courses (which vary by year) take place separately, students from both classes make excursions together and take Italian language classes together (at their respective levels). Open to all majors. Students apply to the program through their chosen elective.

Here is some information to help you learn what it is like to live and travel in Italy, given your identity markers.

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*The language course fulfills SUNY’s Foreign Language General Education Requirement and Purchase’s Language and Cultures Core Requirement, and counts as an upper level elective for Language and Culture majors and minors at Purchase.


  • SUNY Program Code:  698