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Paddy Cuchelo ’20

Admissions Advisor


All about Paddy

Paddy was a transfer student who graduated from Purchase College in 2020 with a Bachelors in Mathematics and Computer Science. Working full-time while studying, she found her time as a student to be nothing but remarkable. She attributes her success at Purchase to the individualized support and guidance she received from the faculty and staff across campus.

Paddy strongly believes in the mission of Purchase College to empower future generations in making meaningful contributions to society. She enjoys working with everyone in Admissions to achieve its goals for cultivating the dynamic representation that makes Purchase so special.

Fun Fact:

Paddy returned to Admissions as the Operations Coordinator in 2023 after a brief stint as a Data Consolidation Intern during her last semester before the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020.

As of March 2024, Paddy officially joined our team of Admissions Counselors. She loves being part of such a collaborative effort towards the continued success of Purchase College. She is enthusiastic to help anyone looking to learn more about the resources and opportunities available to all students here at Purchase.

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