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Edie Falco ’84 and Oona Roche ’17 on Pete Davidson’s Bupkis

Falco stars as his mother, and Roche plays his sister on Davidson’s new semi-autobiographical series.

What is it like to be Pete Davidson?

Edie Falco ’84 and Oona Roche ’17 get a first-hand look on the new comedy BUPKIS.

Falco stars as Davidson’s mother and Roche plays his sister on a show that follows the actor and comedian as he attempts to work through unique family dynamics and the complexities of fame to form meaningful relationships.

“The raw, semi-autobiographical series stars Davidson, Falco, and Joe Pesci alongside a star-studded supporting cast in a show that straddles reality and absurdity to best represent what it is to be Pete Davidson.”

Streaming on Peacock beginning May 4, 2023.

Edie Falco and Pete Davidson face each other over a kitchen counter.

Oona Roche in a scene from BUPKIS