In addition to meeting general degree requirements, all acting majors must successfully complete the following requirements (110 credits).

Of the 110 credits, up to 8 credits of theatre history (ACT 1250 and 2100) may be counted toward the liberal arts requirement (30 credits minimum) for the degree.

Freshman Year | Sophomore Year | Junior Year | Senior Year | Policy on Casting and Production


Freshman Year: 26 credits

Fall:16 credits
ACT 1010/Acting I 3 credits
ACT 1030/Script Analysis I 2 credits
ACT 1160/Speech I 2 credits
ACT 1210/Voice I 2 credits
ACT 1250/Dramatic Structure 4 credits
ACT 1310/Movement I 2 credits
ACT 1355/Stage Combat I 1 credit
Spring:10 credits
ACT 1020/Acting I* 3 credits
ACT 1170/Speech I* 2 credits
ACT 1220/Voice I* 2 credits
ACT 1320/Movement I* 2 credits
ACT 1670/Improvisation I 1 credit
*Part Two

Sophomore Year: 27 credits

Fall:11 credits
ACT 1410/Physical Comedy I 1 credit
ACT 2010/Acting II 3 credits
ACT 2160/Speech II 2 credits
ACT 2210/Voice II 2 credits
ACT 2310/Movement II 2 credits
ACT 2610/Stage Makeup 1 credit
Spring:16 credits
ACT 2020/Acting II* 3 credits
ACT 2100/History of the Theatre 4 credits
ACT 2170/Speech II* 2 credits
ACT 2220/Voice II* 2 credits
ACT 2320/Movement II* 2 credits
ACT 2410/Physical Comedy II 1 credit
ACT 2620/Stage Makeup* 1 credit
ACT 2700/Introduction to Rehearsal and Performance 1 credit
*Part Two

Junior Year: 29 credits

Fall:16 credits
ACT 3010/Acting III 3 credits
ACT 3160/Speech III 2 credits
ACT 3210/Voice III 2 credits
ACT 3310/Movement III 2 credits
ACT 3365/Stage Combat II 1 credit
ACT 3700/Rehearsal and Performance I 3 credits
ACT 3710/Rehearsal and Performance I* 3 credits
*Part Two
Spring:13 credits
ACT 3020/Acting III* 3 credits
ACT 3170/Speech III* 2 credits
ACT 3220/Voice III* 2 credits
ACT 3320/Movement III* 2 credits
ACT 3670/Improvisation II 1 credit
ACT 3720/Rehearsal and Performance I (Part Three) 3 credits
*Part Two

Senior Year: 28 credits

Fall:14 credits
ACT 4010/Acting IV 3 credits
ACT 4250/Voice and Speech IV 2 credits
ACT 4310/Movement IV 2 credits
ACT 4550/Acting for Camera 1 credit
ACT 4700/Rehearsal and Performance II 3 credits
ACT 4710/Rehearsal and Performance II* 3 credits
*Part Two
Spring:14 credits
ACT 4020/Acting IV* 3 credits
ACT 4255/Voice and Speech IV* 2 credits
ACT 4320/Movement IV* 2 credits
ACT 4500/The Business of Acting 1 credit
ACT 4720/Rehearsal and Performance II (Part Three) 3 credits
ACT 4730/Rehearsal and Performance II (Part Four) 3 credits
*Part Two


Policy on Casting and Production  

All students work in productions as cast. Because of the rigorous nature of the acting program, all coursework and extracurricular work or projects must be approved in advance by the student’s faculty advisor. If a student becomes involved with such a project or work without the knowledge and consent of the student’s faculty advisor, the student may be subject to probation and/or dismissal.