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Purchase is Among the Best 388 in the Nation

That’s according to the Princeton Review’s Best 388 Colleges: 2023 Edition.

Purchase College is proud to be included in Princeton Review’s Best Colleges roundup once again.


“Nearly all bachelor’s students must complete a senior project in which they devote two semesters to in-depth, original, and creative study, and students welcome the chance to explore.”

“‘We’re all about finding new ways to think about things, from science to art to management,’ says one.’”

“Professors…often actively work in the field in which they teach, and therefore ‘bring the material life and take learning outside the classroom.’” 

Student Body

“Students at Purchase describe the school as a place for everyone, particularly the ‘artsy, unique, passionate, [and] intelligent.’ The overall ‘sense of unity and acceptance’ means that students are free to be themselves and can ‘walk around confident in who they are and they aren’t afraid to show their unique styles and personalities.’”

Campus Life

“Students receive email digests of all the events on campus, and for those who want to get off campus, it’s easy to take a bus into White Plains or take the train into Manhattan.”

“The question isn’t ‘What to do for fun?’ but rather ‘Where do you even start?’”