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JD Zeik ’82 Adapting Sci-Fi Horror Fantasy Novel for TV

The Warded Man was a New York Times bestseller.

JD Zeik '82, Assistant Professor of Screenwriting and Film   
Assistant Professor of Screenwriting and Film JD Zeik ’82 will be adapting Peter V. Brett’s international bestselling sci-fi horror fantasy novel, The Warded Man, for TV.

Rush Hour and The Hustle producer Roger Birnbaum and Mark Kimsey are developing the story for TV, with an eye on creating a longer-term franchise from the series of five novels.

New York Times bestseller published in 2008, The Warded Man features a futuristic world with demons, supernatural powers, and a tattooed protagonist fighting to save humanity.

Zeik’s writing credits include the original screenplay Ronin, which starred Robert DeNiro, and the TV film and series Witchblade, which he also executive produced.

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