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Faculty Achievement Recognition Reception (April 27, 2022)

This event featured an exhibit of faculty materials of accomplished work, including:


Conservatory /


Format Title
Leandro Benmergui Humanities Book Chapter “ Habitação e Guerra Fria: a perspectiva transnacional para o estudo da favela carioca” Book title: Pensando as favelas cariocas. História e Questões urbanas
Stephen Buck Music DVD New Worlds: Cradle of Civilization concert documentary
Shemeem Burney Abbas Political Science Article South Asia Institute Newsletter of the U Of Texas at Austin, 2022
Alexis Cole Music CD Sky Blossom: Songs From My Tour of Duty / Released November 2021, Zoho Music Label
Alexis Cole Music Other Created the website and Cofounder and Artistic Director of the Virginia Beach Vocal Jazz Summit, an online and in person jazz vocal education conference
Sara Cooper Playwriting and Screenwriting Other Richard Rodgers Award, American Academy of Arts and Letters
Melissa Forstrom Arts Management Book Museum Innovation Building More Equitable, Relevant and Impactful Museums
Giasson Patrice Book Editor on Nicolas DeJesus” A Mexican Artist for Global  Justice
Paula Halperin Film and Media Studies Book Chapter Chapter 8, The Many Mirrors of Maria Augusta Ramos: Landscape, Institutions, and Everyday Lives in Contemporary Brazil
Lauren Harburger Psychology Article The effects of hormone contraceptives and menstruation on object memory and spatial ability in young women. Psychological Reports
Mara Horowitz Liberal Studies Book Tell Atchana, Alalakh, Volume 2a/2b: The Late Bronze City 2006-2010 Excavation Seasons. 
Allyson Jackson Environmental Studies Article Differential reliance on aquatic prey subsidies influences mercury exposure in riparian arachnids and songbirds. Ecology and Evolution
Lisa Keller History Book Chapter  “Afterword,” in Ross Wilson, ed., New York: A Literary History, Cambridge University Press,  “Where Do You Live?”: The Seminar on the City,” in Vinciguerra, Thomas, ed., A Community of Scholars
George Kraemer Environmental Studies Article Cultural sustainability of US cities: the scaling of non-profit arts footprint with population
Julian Kreimer Art+Design Book Chapter Nicolas DeJesus A Mexican Artist for Global Justice, Chapter on Contextulizing Nicolas DeJesus
Jane Kromm Art History Book Chapter Women, Aging and Art
Elise Lemire Literature (Humanities) Book Battle Green Vietnam: The 1971 March on Concord, Lexington, and Boston 
Jessica Levy History Article “Black Power in the Boardroom: Corporate America, the Sullivan Principles, and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle
Kerry Manzo Literature Article “Sublimations and Shadows: Sexual Politics of Ibadan Modernism in _Black Orpheus_.” Research in African Literatures
Jeanine Meyer Mathematics / Computer Science Book Origami with Explanations and More Origami with Explanations by Jeanine Meyer and Takashi Mukoda 
Lisa Jean Moore Sociology Article This is my Voice on T: Synthetic Testosterone, Transmasculine Embodiment and the Surveillance of Masculinity. 
Lisa Jean Moore Sociology Article Revisiting Teaching While Leaking: COVID Edition. Sociology Between the Gaps. 6.
Lisa Jean Moore Sociology Article How Prevalent are Invertebrates in Human-Animal Scholarship? Scoping Study of Anthrozo and Society 
Lisa Jean Moore Sociology Book Chapter “The Un-Healthy Body and Self.” In Natalia Ruiz-Junco, Dirk vom Lehn, and Will Gibson, eds. Routledge International Handbook of Interactionism.
Lisa Jean Moore Sociology Book Chapter “Beyond Binary Categories: A Contemporary Gender Studies Perspective on Health and Illness.” In Kerry Chamberlain and Antonia Lyons, eds. Routledge International Handbook of Critical Issues in Health and Illness. 
Gaura Narayan Literature / School of Humanities Book Chapter “Tear Down This Wall: Borders, Limits, and National Belonging in South Asian Postcolonial Literature” in Displaced: Literature of Indigeneity, Migration, and Trauma 
Lenka Pichlikova-Burke Theatre Arts Other Michael Chekhov from Europe to America: From Stage to Pedagogy. Ph.D. Dissertation.  Faculty of Dramatic Arts of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.
Pamela Prather Theatre Article VASTA President’s Note, Voice and Speech Review, 15:1,
Pamela Prather Theatre Article Depictions of a Voice and Speech Trainer: Current Trends in the VASTA Community, Voice and Speech Review
Alexis Silver Sociology Book Chapter “Starting from Scratch?”: Adaptation After Deportation and Return Migration Among Young Mexican Migrants. Book: Stealing Time: Migration, Temporalities and State Violence 
Ling Zhang Cinema Studies Article “From ‘Mystification’ to ‘Massification’: Canton Counterespionage Films and Cold War Geopolitics,” The Journal of Popular Culture 
Ling Zhang Cinema Studies Article “Foreshadowing the Future of Capitalism: Surveillance Technology and Digital Realism in Xu Bing’s Dragonfly Eyes 
Ling Zhang Cinema Studies Book Chapter “Sounding Travel Documentary in Wartime China: the Dual Journey of Long Live the Nation”