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Announcing the Artists and Hackers Podcast

Artists and Hackers is dedicated to the communities that are building and using new digital tools of creation.

The podcast explores issues in art, code, and digital tools of creation.

The show features stories and interviews with programmers, artists, poets, musicians, bot-makers, educators, students, and designers in an effort to critically look at both online artmaking and the history of technology and the internet.

In the inaugural episode Critical Code we meet artists and hackers that aren’t satisfied with the limitations of programming languages and are designing new ones. They create languages for performance, languages based on Yoruba, and even programming languages intended themselves to be individual works of art experienced through their usage

Other episodes include Can A Programming Language be a Radical Community? on the history of the programming library p5.js and its diverse community of contributors. p5.js is one of the languages taught in the Programming For Visual Artists course in New Media.

In the episode El Paquete Semanal: An Offline Internet in Cuba we hear from the artist duo Nestor Sire and Julia Weist, who have traversed Cuba and report back on their work researching the phenomena of Cuba’s extra-legal El Paquete Semanal network and making art within and about it.

In Yes No Wave and Indonesia Net Audio, artist and record label head Wok The Rock speaks about releasing contemporary music and the cultural commons record label scene in Java.

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Episodes can be streamed in Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The show is also on Twitter and Instagram.

Lee Tusman, assistant professor of new media and computer science, is the creator and host of this project, which is supported in part by funding from the Purchase College Foundation. Maxwell Ludlow ’22 (media studies) is the audio producer.