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New Media Jr. Seminar show now online!

New Media Jr. Show is now online! 

Gallery A:
Gallery A features: Athena Aubry, Midori Fujita, Miyls Hill, Griffin Gagler, Katherine Montero, Scotia Morris, Preston Powell, Zev Rueschendorf

Gallery B:
Gallery B features: Maya Charles, Maggie Giles, Iz Goitia, Jacob Rodriguez, Kirby Sallustro, Kasey Waithe



​Click anywhere on the ground to move there. A green icon appears on the ground as you move your mouse around, showing where you’ll move. You’ll first see a description of the show. As you move around, there are several rooms, marked with a room title at the top. To view an image: click on the image, it should auto-adjust so you’re looking straight on. A description will pop up on the left. You can close the description to view just the image. To view a video: click on the video, it should auto-adjust so you’re looking straight on. A description will pop up on the left, along with a volume icon - it is automatically muted so you need to adjust this. There is also a pause/play icon - make sure to pause when finished watching, otherwise, the audio may continue to play when viewing other work. Videos may lag, depending upon video complexity and your internet speed, so there is also a link in each video description you can copy and paste into a new tab to watch in better quality.
On the left side of the work is the creator’s name & work title. If someone has multiple works with the same title, there is one text to the very left. If someone has multiple works with multiple titles, there is a text for each work. Only work can be clicked, not posters or 3D decor.


It will launch on Instagram at 1 pm Friday, Nov 20th with each student doing a one-day takeover of the page.