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The New Media Senior Class of 2020 presents their senior exhibition, S0CIAL D1STANCE.

The opening reception for the Purchase College New Media Senior Project online exhibition, S0CIAL D1STANCE, took place on April 29 on Zoom.

Each year seniors are expected to work towards a project that is a culmination of their undergraduate education, presenting them in a public exhibition to receive feedback from faculty, families, and friends.

Given the current situation surrounding COVID-19, a physical exhibition was deemed not possible just weeks before the event was scheduled. For almost all students, this meant a complete overhaul of their projects. Some had to scrap entire sculptures when asked to leave campus, while some had to forgo their entire concepts and create a new thesis and a new project to fit within digital space.

“In the face of this, it felt appropriate to name our gathering after our current challenges. S0CIAL D1STANCE is a show about creating as a unit while being alone, about art in the face of adversity, and about being the first students to graduate into a changed new world,” says the New Media seniors.

The online versions of their projects can be viewed here.

Contributing Artists

Christian Aufiero

Anna Bosworth

Dylan Calderon

Gabe Carbonara

Alec Giorgio

Avi Goldman

Daniel Heinley

Andrew Hohl

Levon Kostandyan

Steven Lomangino

Katherine Lousell

Troy McIver

Philip McDermott

Tyler Paparella

Ryan Pinkall

Mariafe Sanchez

Jewel Slade

Sundiatta Small

Megan Stacey

Bennett Stolz

Iwan Ten Traeger-Payne

Stephanie Vasquez​