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Stay on Track by Managing your Time

Did you know that the Learning Center offers help with time management?

One of the most common things we hear from students in the first few weeks of college is, “My schedule is so different!”  Students frequently comment that they have much more reading and writing; also, labs, studio time and rehearsals eat up a lot of time. On the other end of the college career, we hear seniors say things like, “This year is so different!” or “I have a lot of independent study,” or “I’ve never done this kind of research or written this long a paper before!”

Whether you’re a first-year, last-year, sophomore or junior student, one thing is true: If your routine is thrown off, it’s only natural that you may need to try a new one!

At the Learning Center, our tutors will work with you to:

  • Discover why you are struggling with your schedule;
  • Suggest ways to balance your schoolwork/personal life/work demands;
  • Help you find a system that works best for you, whether it’s a paper planner, bullet journal, app or notification;
  • Employ concrete tips for keeping up with (or even ahead of!) your writing assignments;
  • Experiment until you find a routine that you can maintain;
  • Promote self-care through effective planning that preserves much-needed breaks.

Better time management takes time. Many students who come to the Learning Center get powerful tips from their first appointment. Afterward, they may check more than once with their time management tutor to tweak their routines. As one tutor advises: “Use trial and error to see what works for you as an individual and implement healthy habits. This can be setting 15-minute breaks, working within a time frame, and prioritizing assignments.”

To prepare for a session with one of our time management tutors, students should bring to the Center or have access to:

  • Class syllabi or assignments with due dates
  • Work schedules
  • Activity schedules
  • Social plans
  • Recurring appointments
  • A notion of what your ideal study times and conditions are.

As one of our longtime tutors summed up, “Time management is the most important kind of self-care!”

To schedule an appointment with the Learning Center, visit our website and follow the instructions for creating a Zoom session.