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Paige Aaronson

Major: Drawing and Painting
Minors: Biology and Art History

Junior Paige Aaronson transferred to Purchase during her sophomore year on the strength of the Painting and Drawing program.

Always drawn to the sciences, anatomy and physiology in particular, she soon declared a minor in biology. She plans to pursue a career in medical or scientific illustration.

Her interest in science also extends to chemistry. After taking the required course Materials and Techniques, she completed an internship at New York City’s Guerra Paint and Pigment, where she learned how to create custom suspensions for different applications and pigments. She now mixes her own paints.

Since she plans to attend graduate school for medical illustration after Purchase, she’s tracked down a list of the science prerequisites required for entry into the programs that interest her most and she’s managed to take as many as possible as part of her undergraduate course work.


Paige Aaronson applies paint to a canvas Paige Aaronson paints in her studio

Paige Aaronson unscrewing jar with paint