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Jen Correia, New Media, BA

I was an RA during college and loved it, so I went into student affairs right after graduation.

Jen Correia currently serves as a Graduate Program Specialist at Boston University, Department of Biology and Program in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry (MCBB).

Describing her position, Jen states: “I’m responsible for recruitment into our MS, MA, and PhD programs; marketing; professional development for current students; and alumni relations. I use my New Media knowledge pretty much every day at work – whether I’m creating marketing materials in InDesign/Photoshop, updating our graduate student website, or creating presentations for events. Outside of work, I still create stories through written word and image.”

The Journey from Purchase College to her Current Position

“I was an RA during college and loved it, so I went into student affairs right after graduation. I’ve cycled through various residential life roles; an administrative assistant position at a media planning company (not for me), and a Graduate Program Coordinator role over in California (also not for me–I love the East Coast). I just started working at BU this summer. I’ve utilized my degree in every single position that I’ve held. It’s been immensely useful!” 

Additional Education

“I completed a film certificate from the New York Film Academy shortly after graduation, and I just started the Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing MFA Program at Emerson College.” 


“I’m a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion. The combination of my New Media degree with my jobs, has given me some great insight about how to be as inclusive as possible while serving our community. For instance, including alt text in images. Technology can be great. I’m currently working on a small grant application with a staff member from another program. We hope to provide a more inclusive environment for those in the STEM field.”

Advice for New Media Students

“Take a breadth of classes! There are so many areas of New Media. It’s useful to gain a bit of experience in a number of areas before you choose your main focus. Get a minor if you can; this second field can inform your New Media work in amazing ways.”

Written by Susan Kouguell, Lecturer in Screenwriting