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Faculty Achievement Recognition Reception (April 24, 2019)

This event featured an exhibit of faculty materials of accomplished work, including:




Matt Bollinger Exhibition catalog Three Rooms
Nancy Bowen Artist Book What’s New Pussycat
Nancy Bowen Exhibition catalog For Each Ecstatic Instant
Darrah Carr Postcards & Playbill Dancing the Great Arc
Lenora Champagne Book; LM has essay & performance text Oi to Odori
Sarah B. Cooper Flyer (for the musical) Elevator Heart
Elysse M. Craddock, et al. Article Ultrastructural variation and adaptive evolution of the ovipositor in the endemic Hawaiian Drosophilidae
Lee Ehrman Article Symbiont-Driven Male Mating Success in the Neotropical Drosophila paulistorum Superspecies
Monica Ferrell Book You Darling Thing
Eric Gottesman Exhibition catalog For Freedoms 50 State Initiative
Eric Gottesman Chapter in monograph, Art in Rollins 3 “We contain multitudes”
Dashielle Horn Article The Role of Empathy in Teaching and Tutoring Students with Leaning Disabilities
Ingrid Jensen CD Invisible Sounds (for Kenny Wheeler)
Mark Jonas  Article Induced mutations alter patterns of quantitative variation, phenotypic integration, and plasticity to elevated CO2 in Arabidopsis thaliana
Anne Kern Framed declaration & medal Chevalier medal
George Kraemer, et al. Journal article Evaluation of the metal content of farm grown Gracilaria tikvahiae and Saccharina latissima from Long Island Sound and New York Estuaries
George Kraemer Journal article Changes in Population Demography and Reproductive Output of the Invasive Hemigrapsus sanguineus (Asian shore crab) in the Long Island Sound from 2005 to 2017
Pete Malinverni CD Heaven
Jeanine Meyer Book Essential Guide to HTML5
Jeanine Meyer Book HTLM5 and Javascript Projects
Jeanine Meyer Book Programming 101
Shaka McGlotten Journal articles Intimate immanence:  A conversation between Shaka McGlotten and Katherine Sender
Shaka McGlotten Journal articles In the wake of Esther /Lessons in Cruising /Porn Fast
Shaka McGlotten Journal articles TurnPorn is Dead, Long Live TurnPorn!
Trudy Milburn Article Olfaction and Emotion: The quest for olfactory restoration in two speech communities
Scollo, M. & Milburn, T Book Engaging and Transforming Global Communication through Cultural Discourse Analysis
Lenka Pichlíková Playbill Starred in Christopher Durang’s successful comedy “Vanya, Sonya, Masha & Spike” – role Cassandra (April, 2019; Benefit to Michael Chekhov Theatre Festival)
Ted Piltzecker CD Brindica
Lorraine Plourde Book Tokyo Listening: Sound and Sense in a Contemporary City
Pamela Prather Playbills & article Vocal traditions: Vibrant Voice Technique
Bettijane Sills Book Broadway, Balanchine & Beyond
Jo Ann Walters Monograph & acc. text Wood River Blue Pool