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Zachary Bernstein ’05 mounts 2nd musical in LA!

“Earth to Karen” playing thru June 2019

Zachary Bernstein’s (’05) second musical comedy production “Earth to Karen” is now playing thru the end of June 2019.

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“Houston, she has a problem.

Karen Spitz was a celebrated astronaut until she made headlines for attempting to kidnap another astronaut after a manic cross-country drive from Texas to Florida. But what most people remember about the story was that Karen wore a diaper while she was doing it. One year later, she’s living in the shadow of a national scandal; unemployed, single, and coasting on the last of her sister’s goodwill. Will a new job at Subway be one small step on her path to redemption, or one giant leap back to infamy?”

“Earth to Karen” follows Bernstein’s “Disasteroid!” also produced by Sacred Fools Theater Company at the Broadwater Black Box Theater in Los Angeles.  Last year’s Fringe hit, “Disasteroid!”! was winner of the Best of the Broadwater award; nominated for three HHF18 Awards, including “Best Musical” and “Outstanding Songwriting.”  Writer and composer Bernstein describes the play as an “impending-apocalyptic musical exploring love, backyards, and tax deductions.” 

When not writing plays and/or songs, Zachary does freelance contract administration at the studios in LA.  Describing the development of “Disasteroid” – “The vision was to write a musical with an intimate story and a small cast that’s at once charming and silly, and I think we pull that off very well.”

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