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Alums Mount New Play in January

Penned by PWSW Brett Evan Solomon ’15

“SOMEONEPLEASELISTENANDUNDERSTAND(they’re wiretapping our brains)”

2015 PWSW alum Brett Evan Solomon’s new play enlists other alumni from the Conservatory of Theater Arts, Theater and Performance program, History and Media Society and the Arts. Alumns include Kelsey Lurie THP ’15, Gabriel Vasquez THP ’15, Marielle Young THP ’14, Suri Jackson History ’15, Liam Walsh Media, Society, and the Arts ’15. This is yet another example of the collaboration that goes on both at Purchase and after.

The new play premiered at The Brick, located at 575 Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn. Tickets are on presale for $5 Wednesday and Thursday evening with the code EXPOFIVE, and $20 for all other dates and times. 

Shows were January 24 thru 27 @ 8pm and January 28 @ 2pm & 8pm

Synopsis: In an observation room deep beneath the Capital, a new surveillance program launches to discover threats to the American people. Secret agents hack phones, computers, sex cams, security feeds, and even minds in the name of homeland security. Functioning as a series of pre-recorded episodes as well as a live performance, agents switch between different streams spying on flagged citizens who are struggling with forming their identities amidst a sea of technological, governmental, and societal restrictions.

Show Trailer: