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Visitor Parking at Purchase

Tips for easily navigating the campus.

Our signage system was designed to guide drivers and pedestrians seamlessly from campus entries through key decision-making points to eventual destinations.

It’s Simply a Big Loop

As you can see from the map, a loop road encircles the entire campus. The loop is broken into two cardinal sections, the West Loop and East Loop, and is bisected by Lincoln Avenue, which leads to the Central parking lots. Each section is color-coded.


Main sections of the campus are designated colors:

East: Green
West: Blue
Central: Gold
Campus Plaza/Main Plaza: Purple

Which Lot Should I Choose?

If you’re visiting Admissions, you should park in the Central 2 lot accessible from Lincoln Avenue.

All other visitors should head directly to the West 1 parking lot. You’ll find pay stations located towards the Performing Arts Center (PAC) building complex.

You’ll also find short-term parking meters in the West 1 and West 2 parking lots.

More information about longer term and frequent parking options is available through the Office of Parking and Transportation.

Know Your Destination: The Building is Key

Pedestrian signage takes over where vehicular signage leaves off. Knowing which building you’re heading to makes it much easier to navigate the campus.

Sometimes it’s obvious—the Conservatory of Dance is in the Dance Building. But sometimes it’s less clear—for instance, the offices for the School of Continuing Education are located in the Music building.

See the map for the most popular campus office destinations.

You are Here

Kiosks with color-coded maps are strategically placed at pedestrian entrances to the plaza to help you situate yourself. Other than the PAC, Admissions, and athletic areas, most visitors will head to the Main Plaza once on foot.

Now you’ll need to know the building name. To keep the way-finding system clean, we limited signage to building names, not the offices or services found inside.

Again, see the map for the most popular campus office destinations and the buildings that house them.

I’m Lost and I’m Late

Call the Office of Parking and Transportation at 914–251–6177 for immediate assistance Monday through Friday.