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How to Upload Your Vaccination Card

The Human Resources Employee Tracking System has been updated and employees are able to upload their vaccination cards. Within HRETS, the vaccination card can be uploaded to your Employee Data Sheet (EDS).

To upload your vaccination card, first scan and upload your vaccination card to your computer. If you already provided your vaccine information, you do not need to upload it into HRETS. To access HRETS and the EDS, please follow these steps:

To access HRETS, please visit the Faculty And Staff website:

  1. Click on the Personnel and Employment Tab
  2. Click the HRETS Link
  3. Enter your PC user name and password to access HRETS.

Once you access HRETS:

  1. Click on the Employee Datasheet​ link listed under the Personnel ETS Options (bottom left). Your own Employee Datasheet will open.
  2. Review all of your personal data listed under each tab to ensure that it’s correct and up-to-date (especially Demographics, Degree and Emergency Information). Please make sure to save your edits.
  3. Click the COVID Vaccine Document Tab
  4. Click Choose File and upload your vaccination card
  5. Please enter a file description
  6. Click Save File

Thank you for adhering to our health and safety requirements.