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Medical Leaves

A medical leave of absence may be requested by the student through the Counseling Center for substance-related or emotional reasons or through Student Health Services for physical reasons. A supporting letter from a student’s attending physician, therapist, or counselor is required. Medical leaves, which are generally for a period of no less than six months and up to one year, must be approved by the associate dean for student affairs.

Renewing Medical Leaves

Renewal of an approved medical leave of absence must be requested annually in writing by submitting new medical documentation to the Counseling Center or Student Health Services. Students who do not renew their medical leaves will be administratively withdrawn from the college by the Office of the Registrar.

Returning From Medical Leave

A request to return to the college from a medical leave of absence is assessed when requested by a student. Assessments can be completed during the following periods:

  • Fall semester returns: July 1 until the first day of classes
  • Spring semester returns: December 1 until the first day of classes
  • Summer session returns: May 1 until the first day of classes

Returns from medical leaves are subject to the recommendation of the Counseling Center or Student Health Services and approval of the associate dean for student affairs or designee. The required documentation and instructions for return requests is available online on the Student Affairs site.

Maintaining Enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Program

A student who has enrolled in the college’s student health insurance program is eligible to remain enrolled in that insurance program throughout his or her approved medical leave. To do so, the student must contact the Office of Student Financial Services before the beginning of each semester of the approved medical leave to make arrangements to pay the insurance premium in a timely fashion and to guarantee continuous insurance coverage. Failure to do so will result in loss of coverage.