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Academic Review Committee and Midterm Warning

Academic Review Committee

The progress of students is reviewed at the end of each semester by the associate or assistant dean in each school (School of Liberal Arts and Sciences; School of the Arts). Appeals of academic dismissals are reviewed by the Academic Review Committee (ARC). Students are entitled to appeal dismissals at hearings before this committee, and those who are dismissed before the end of the semester have the right to an immediate appeal.

  • The Academic Review Committee (ARC) for the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is composed of three faculty members and three students.
  • The Academic Review Committee (ARC) for the School of the Arts is composed of five faculty members (one from each conservatory and the School of Art+Design, and one for arts management and entrepreneurship), one voting staff member from the School of the Arts, and one or more students.

Students in the BFA, MusB, MFA, and MM programs must also adhere to the professional standards, including professional conduct, of these programs.

Midterm Warnings

The midterm warning is a notification sent after the sixth week of a semester to notify a student that there is some question as to whether the student can complete a course satisfactorily. If a student is warned of this possibility, it is hoped that he or she will make whatever extra effort that may be needed to pass (or to withdraw from the course, if appropriate).