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Academic Review Committee

Academic Review Committee

The progress of students is reviewed at the end of each semester by Director of Student Advising and Academic Support . Appeals of academic dismissals are reviewed by the Academic Review Committee (ARC). Students are entitled to appeal dismissals in writing to this committee; those who are dismissed at the end of each semester have the right to an immediate appeal by following the specific instructions included in the dismissal notification.

Academic Review Committee (ARC) Composition:

  • Voting members: 5 faculty members.
  • Non-voting members: The Director of Student Advising and Academic Support (Chair) and two student affairs staff members appointed by the dean of student affairs, the registrar, and a representative from EOP/MAP.

Midterm Progress

Midterm Progress is a notification sent after the sixth week of a semester to notify a student that there is some question as to whether the student can complete a course satisfactorily. If a student is warned of this possibility, it is hoped that the student will make whatever extra effort may be needed to pass (or to withdraw from the course, if appropriate).