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Enrollment in Liberal Studies & Continuing Education Courses

For matriculated students in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of the Arts

Matriculated students in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of the Arts at Purchase College may enroll in most courses offered by the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education:

  1. Winter session and summer session courses are open to all matriculated students, as long as any prerequisites are met. Matriculated students should obtain approval from their faculty advisor or the appropriate board of study before registering to ensure that the selected courses meet the requirements for their degree. According to New York State policy, all students must pay for summer session courses on a per-credit basis. There are no special rates for 12 or more credits.
  2. During the academic year (fall and spring semesters), a limited number of spaces are available in most credit courses during the registration period for matriculated students. Other credit courses may be opened during the add/drop period if space is available. (Before registering for these courses, students should obtain their faculty advisor’s approval.) For full-time matriculated students, no additional tuition is charged; however, any listed charges for course-related expenses must be paid when registering.
  3. To guarantee space in a particular noncredit course, all matriculated students need to register early and pay the listed noncredit tuition. (Financial aid is not applicable.)