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Internal Transfer: Policy and Procedures

Matriculated students in a BA or BS program who wish to transfer into a BFA or MusB program should contact the office of the director of their intended program. Likewise, BFA and MusB students who wish to transfer into a BA or BS program should contact the office of the chair or director of their intended program. (Nonmatriculated students who wish to enroll in a degree-granting program at Purchase must follow regular admission procedures.)

  1. The student will be given an internal transfer application. Deadlines for internal transfer applications vary from program to program; however, all applications must be completed and submitted at least six weeks before a semester begins.
  2. The student is then advised, when applicable, about the audition, interview, and/or portfolio requirements of the intended program and the procedure for completing those requirements. The student should also be advised about the nature of the program and any implications regarding transfer credit.
  3. School of Art+Design:
    Students who wish to transfer from other degree programs at Purchase College to the School of Art+Design must submit to the school’s main office (Visual Arts Building, second floor):
    1. an essay of intention
    2. a portfolio
    3. a student copy of their transcript
    4. an application form (available on the school’s website)

    Check with the main office in the School of Art+Design for applicable deadlines. After these materials have been reviewed by the Art+Design Admissions Committee and a decision has been reached, students will be informed of their acceptance or denial via email.