Please read this first:

  • To begin working with your Student Project space, login to Moodle and look for the “Student Projects” category within the Categorized Courses List block, and click on your name.
    • If you do not see the Student Projects category in your Categorized Course List block, you must email to let us know.
    • If you need a second Student Projects space, you must email to request that a second Moodle account and Student Project space be created for you. Please include an alternative email address (non; must be,, etc.) in your request.
    • If your approved Second Reader is not affiliated with Purchase College, your First Reader must email to request that a manual Moodle account be created for them. Be sure to include the full name and email address of the Second Reader in the email.
  • Your Student Project must be submitted as a PDF. Please see the Format tab.
  • The Registrar sets due dates for submitting senior projects, capstone papers, and graduate theses. Please consult the Academic Calendar for due dates. If you need to submit your project after the deadline, you must speak with your Reader(s) and/or the Registrar.
  • All Student Project submissions to the Library must be done via Moodle. The Library does not require and will not accept paper copies of Student Projects.
  • If your Student Project contains an Audio or Video component, please see the Audio/Video tab.
  • Inviting Readers:
    • For Senior Projects and Master’s Theses, both a First and Second Reader is required
    • For Capstone Papers, your First Reader is your Capstone instructor
  • Faculty Readers: You can now manage your student project advisees when you login to your Reader Dashboard. The Reader Dashboard is for faculty/staff readers only.
  • For more about the senior project, please see the BA and BS policy.  For more about the Capstone Paper, please see the About the Senior Capstone page. 
  • For options on how to search for and access past student projects, please see the  Find tab. 

Directions for how to setup and submit a student project.

Directions for how to begin researching a student project.

Directions for how to find student projects.

Directions for how to format a student project.

Directions for how to submit an audio/visual component to a student project.

Directions for readers of student projects.