You may want to talk with someone confidentially about something you observed or experienced, even if you are not sure that the behavior constitutes sexual violence. A conversation where questions can be answered is far superior to keeping something to yourself. 

Students are encouraged to use  Campus Advocacy Services as a first step in receiving help  and information covering all  options involved in incidents of sexual assault, partner violence and/or stalking.  A confidential consultation with licensed, professional staff can  help students fully understand their options.  We help students  take whatever actions they  may choose for safety, medical intervention, psychological support, and campus conduct, Title IX or criminal reporting.

Confidential Emergency Response & Campus Advocacy Services (CAS)

Campus Advocacy Services are available through the campus Victim Advocate, Catherine VanBomel,,  and the Counseling Center staff.  Students seeking emergency help for assault or sexual violence/abuse may walk into the Counseling Center in the Humanities Building Lower Level during office hours (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., M – F).   Students may call the Counseling Center at (914)251-6390 if to schedule an appointment with the Victim Advocate. You do not need to explain or make a report prior to obtaining Campus Advocacy Services.

After hours and on weekends, students may obtain CONFIDENTIAL Campus Advocacy Services by calling our office at 914.251.6390. Follow instructions to speak with our CONFIDENTIAL answering service.  Ask for the Counselor on Call and you will be connected. 

  In a safety or medical emergency, students may walk into NYS University Police Headquarters on campus for help or call 914.251.6911.  UPD officers will offer to connect students with Campus Advocacy Services as an option.  You do not need to make a report prior to obtaining Campus Advocacy Services.