Referring Distressed Students

Faculty and staff members may call or email for a professional consultation on how to address a problem, prior to speaking with a student. You may refer students directly to the Counseling Center for an appointment, contact us via phone or email to reach out to the student on your behalf, or call us while the student is with you in your office so that a counselor may speak with the student about our services.  

All contacts and communications with the Counseling Center will maintain privacy for yourself and the student.

You may also use the Student Alert Form to create a brief report  of concerns and request an outreach on your behalf. This is not a confidential report. The Student Alert Form is an electronic form that will document  a student for outreach who may be struggling with emotional issues,  behavioral problems, or  significant personal challenges that are interfering with their academic functioning. The Student Alert Form information is managed by the “At Risk” Committee. 

Please take a minute to reacquaint yourself with the Student Alert Form procedure. It can be found on the Student Outreach and Support page or by clicking the “Student Alert” button on the Quick Links serction of the Faculty and Staff portal page.