The elements outlined below should be combined and synthesized by students, thereby exhibiting exceptional skill in studio art or design and a well-developed personal aesthetic. Graduates should demonstrate:

  • Advanced professional competence in some aspect of fine art as exemplified by a considerable depth of knowledge, and achievement demonstrated by a significant body of work.
  • A breadth of understanding in fine art and/or appropriate related disciplines, and the ability to think independently, to integrate, and to synthesize information associated with practice in an area of specialization.
  • Awareness of current issues and developments that are influencing fine art, and the basic ability and clear potential to contribute to the expansion and evolution of art.
  • Writing and speaking skills to communicate clearly and effectively to various communities, the public, and in formal or informal teaching situations.
  • Advanced capabilities with technologies utilized in the creation, dissemination, documentation, and preservation of works of art.
  • A basic knowledge of bibliographic or information resources associated with works and analysis of art.