For students entering the program Fall 2021 and later: 

  1. LBS 2017/Structured Inquiry Across the Disciplines (3 credits)
  2. Five upper-level core LBS courses (20 credits) 
  3. LBS 3880/Junior Seminar (4 credits) 
    • *Prerequisite LBS2017/Structured Inquiry Across the Disciplines (Minimum grade of C-).
  4. CAP/4800 Senior Capstone (4 credits) will align with core course problem areas.

Total Credits: 31

* Structured Inquiry has changed from a 3000 level course to a 2000 level course and is changing from 4 to 3 credits. As of fall 2023, students entering the program will take Structured Inquiry at the 2000 level for 3 credits. 

 A minimum grade of C- is required for all classes applied towards major requirements. 

Note: For students who were in the program prior to Fall 2021, please refer to the old requirements in the 2020-21 catalog.